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Hi, I’m Mark and I live in Nottingham (Robin Hood county) in the UK.

You could argue that I’m a Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None.

I’m approaching 40 and I have recently concluded that I should see through the ideas I am passionate about.

I used to be a buyer for a UK Electronics Retailer, this took me to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany, and China. I worked for this company for 13 years, I genuinely loved this job. After feeling like I had ticked all the buyer boxes, I struggled to find my career path.

I had dabbled with programming since I was a boy, and saw my future in programming.

That was until I played an Escape Room in 2013.

I own an Escape Room franchise and have Escape Room Booking, Staff Management, and Clue System software for sale in the Escape Room market.

I am a Trustee for Nottingham Hackspace.

I am passionate about reinvigorating city centres as more of a leisure-trap. Too many high streets are becoming derelict as retailers move online, or leave us for good.

I play guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, violin - all JOATMON.